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Oksana Martynova
Real estate agent
Oksana has graduated from MESI, the faculty of human resource management. She likes traveling and skiing. Oksana dreams of seeing wonderful whales in the Caribbean and swimming in Cancun underground museum.
Elena Anisimova
Senior real estate expert
The best Apple Real Estate agent by the results of 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 years, the winner of the annual nomination "The highest financial indicators" three years in a row. Maximum amount of positive feedbacks speaks about Elena's high professionalism, her reverent attitude to work and love for people. Elena specializes on rent in the high-budget segment of luxury housing and also on work with expats. Choosing Elena as your agent, you get high level service, operative decision of life task and pleasure of human communication.
Ol'ga Metelyova
Senior real estate expert
Olga graduated Ufa state Academy of Economics and service. She is a Business Process Specialist. She is convinced that besides professional knowledge the key to success is the strength of love. She considers, that one should love his profession and do it with all passion. Organised nature, sense of purpose, creativity and sense of humor always help Olga to solve difficult situations. She can reach the compromise between the desired thing and the real one. Olga loves very much Russian classical literature. Her favorite novel is “The Idiot”. She is fond of painting, cinema, design, psychology, travelling.
Nina Sultanovskaya
Senior real estate expert
Nina holds a degree is law. She enjoys charcoal on canvas drawing, psychology, swimming and yoga. Nina got the Best Apple Real Estate Agent award in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.
Anastasiya Lazareva
Senior real estate expert
Anastasia is a true professional in negotiating. She graduated from the Moscow Psychological and Pedagogical University with a degree in Clinical Psychology, so she knows how to find a common language with many people and easily identify their needs. It's nice not only to discuss professional topics with Anastasia but also to talk heart to heart. Trumps of Anastasia is calm and prudence, clients also appreciate her for her attentiveness, responsibility and honesty. Anastasia has been working in this field for 6 years and loves her work very much for the opportunity to communicate with different interesting people. Nastya is sure that one of the excellent missions of her work is to cross the fates of people. Anastasia wants to visit all corners of our beautiful planet and live in a cozy house by the sea.
Ol'ga Ziva
Real estate expert
Olga graduated from Moscow State University of Design and Technology. She has been already working in for three years in real estate market. She likes travelling, reads a lot, and currently she is actively learning English. She dreams of seeing the whole world.
Veronika Sedykh
Real estate expert
Veronica is a perfect example of an agent with relevant skills. She graduated from the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation. She loves cycling and rollerblading around Krymskaya embankment and running in Neskuchniy Garden. Veronica is never late for meetings and can always recommend you how to handle your money wisely.
Maksim Gorshkov
Senior Real estate consultant
He graduated from the Volga State Academy of Telecommunications and Informatics, engineer of multi-channel telecommunication systems. He loves to devote his free time to sports, is engaged in beach volleyball and badminton. Loves reading books and watching films. Maxim independently learned the French language and plans to perfectly master Spanish. Dreams of a trip to Latin America.
Aleksey Borisenko
Senior Real estate consultant
The ex-captain of a boat on the Black Sea, now goes in for sports, martial arts, riding a wakeboard and cinema. Aleksey takes approaches to the clients` desires responsibly and responds to any request quickly. He dreams to get to an electronic music festival in Miami.
Alyona Gorbatyuk
Senior Real estate consultant
Alena has been working in the sphere of real estate more than ten years. She is a professional not only in rent but also in selling. Alena has a long-term experience in cooperation with corporate accounts and specializes in collaboration with foreign clients. She prefers to visit other cities and countries in her free time.
Irina Burmaga
Senior Real estate consultant
Irina graduated from the Siberian Federal University. She sure that to get the desired result from professional activity, it is necessary to immerse yourself in all processes and perform work with soul and enthusiasm. In her spare time she prefers balancing between walks in parks, tennis, cinema and the creation of confectionery masterpieces. She dreams of playing tennis on the roof of Burj El Arab, one of the most famous hotels in Dubai. Approximate height of the feat is 300 meters.
El'za Arkhangel'skaya
Real estate consultant
Graduated from Orenburg State University, specialty-designer. Elsa is a creative person, so she loves to devote her free time to brushes and an easel. She loves to paint in watercolors, acrylics, and also can make pencil sketches. In addition to art, Elsa independently learns to play the guitar and practices yoga. She also reads books about psychology, her favorite authors are Robert Cialdini and Edward de Bono. She dreams of mastering targeting and earning remotely to constantly travel.
Emmanuel' Aggor
Real estate consultant
Emmanuel graduated from RUDN University. The first education is a translator, the second is an engineer-economist. He worked for a long time in the field of IT project Manager. All his free time is engaged in electronic music (DJing). He managed to conquer the night Moscow with his performances at the most famous venues. He is very open and cheerful. Emmanuel is a supporter of a creative approach to work and a healthy lifestyle. He wants to visit such festivals as "Tomorrowland "and" Burning man", as well as play his set there.
Anna Gin'ko
Real estate consultant
Anna graduated from Belarusian State University with a degree in Real Estate Management. In the future, plans to get a psychologist education. Anna has extensive experience in sales and in the organization of business processes. Anna is very creative person, in her free time she draws with oil and watercolors, does cross-fit, studies the cultures of different countries and travels. She dreams of buying a chalet in the Alps, learning to ride a surf, and also making an advertising video for the Cannes Lions international art festival
Alena Kapitanchuk
Real estate consultant
Alyona has graduated from Moscow University of Economics, statistics and informatics. She likes sports, nature walks, running and swimming in the sea. Alyona is proud of jumping with a paraglider, changing her field of activity, taking the first place in sales from providers, getting a license and even has a degree with honour in landscape design. She is doing things that bring her pleasure and always stays positive. Alyona dreams of the house on the Italian coast, big straw hat in what she will be enjoying of dusk in her terrace.
Andrey Kuzyaev
Real estate consultant
Andrey has graduated from Siberian Federal University with the degree of sociology. He enjoys football and was doing it professionally until he was 19 years old. When Andrey was a student, he was playing in the Central League of KVN, he is the finalist of the league of KVN on the Yenisei.Andrey dreams of a bright future where he has a lot of success, luck and welfare.
Liliya Vasil'chenko
Real estate consultant
Lilia started her career in real estate in 2006. She has 2 higher education degrees, speaks fluently in English, and studies French at her leisure. She values her profession very much and gets great pleasure from communicating with clients. Lilia likes wandering through the alleys of old Moscow and enjoys the unique atmosphere of the capital. She is keen on studying architectural styles of residential and commercial real estate.
Galina Mukhina
Real estate consultant
Galina has graduated from MKGIT with the degree of Computer hardware and automated systems software. At free time she likes playing beach volleyball and takes part in different competitions. She plans to play in the Russian Championship. Galina participates in various charitable foundations as a volunteer. One of her main achievements is the highest sales results due to the ability to listen and hear the human needs. Also, Galina is proud of the fact that in any field where she has worked, she has only positive reputation and until this day Galina is asked for advice. Galina dreams of studying and getting a certificate of a private aviation pilot.
Artem Vafin
Real estate consultant
Artem graduated from Kazan University with a degree in Economics. He has a successful experience in the hospitality industry - in 2017, he won a trip to one of the most amazing places in China, the colony of Portugal - Macau, becoming a sales leader, after which he was promoted to the position of GR-Manager of the entire complex. At a certain point, the interest in real estate did its job, and in the spring of 2019 Artem started his new career and soon became the leader in the number of successful residential real estate rental transactions in Kazan. Now Artem decided to conquer Moscow! The best reward in his work is happy customers. At free time he likes to perform beautiful songs on the guitar, especially those that cause goosebumps:)
Anna Gladkaya
Real estate consultant
After graduating from the Russian State University of tourism and service, Anna devoted several years to the hotel business and customer service. Over the following years, she successfully organized premium expedition cruises to the Arctic, Antarctica and the North pole and was responsible for product quality control. She likes to travel and to learn the history, culture and customs of the peoples of different countries of the world. In her spare time, Anna enjoys lawn tennis and tries to understand the features of the human psyche. Anna loves Moscow and considers it one of the best cities for a happy and active life.
Sergey Artemenko
Real estate consultant
Sergey graduated from the Moscow state University of Psychology and Education and believes that a psychologist is not a profession, it's a lifestyle. So he understands people perfectly and can find a way out of any conflict situation. Sergey is fond of basketball. He loves to travel and dreams of opening his own homemade cooking restaurant.
Irina Sugonyaeva
Real estate consultant
Irina has two degrees: pedagogical and linguistic. For a long time she worked in senior positions, led projects. She is able to negotiate and achieve her goals. Irina is very responsible about her work, appreciates professionalism and compliance with professional ethics. She is fond of psychology, likes active recreation and travelling; reading, active sports, nature, theatre. She was engaged in skydiving and free diving. She loves the historical center of Moscow.
Nadezhda Medvedevskikh
Real estate consultant
Nadezhda graduated from Moscow State Institute of Culture- faculty of Advertising and PR. She is a candidate of master of sports (хотя нигде в англоговорящих странах такого нет, так что можно просто She was a professional rhythmic gymnast and swimmer) in Rhythmic gymnastics and Swimming. Nadya\Nadin adores cooking and travelling. Her passions are sports games and black and white movies. She is customer-focused and responsive person. Nadezhda is sure that even in the most controversial case it is always possible to agree.
Zhanna Verzilina
Real estate consultant
Zhanna is getting a degree of economist in Moscow Finance and Law University.She is fond of horse riding, travelling and leads an active lifestyle. She is proud of finishing a school of music. She is a master of sports of show-riding.
Denis Abashev
Country real estate agent
Denis has graduated from Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Infomatics with a degree of applied Informatics in management. He has been working in suburban estate since 2012 and has big work experience in this market segment. Denis enjoys photography and cars. He dreams of building his own house with a big garage soon.
Vera Barkhatova
Country real estate agent
Vera has an education of russian philologist. She has been working on executive positions more than 5 years, thanks to it she acquired clear structured way of thinking, negotiation skills and responsibility in all working processes. Vera is friendly, open and responsive. She considers her specialization to be not just a work, she accepts it as her mode of life and way of assisting people. Moreover, Vera has finished music and art schools. Vera has inborn sense of style. She is into fitness and cars.
Timur Khayretdinov
Real estate agent
Timur graduated from The Nesterova Moscow Academy of Education, law. He is interested in psychology, philosophy and literature (favorite writers: Herman Hesse, Henry Miller, Sergey Dovlatov), and also plays football. Timur loves to travel. His favorite cities are Tokyo and Barcelona and the next dream is Tibet!
Natal'ya Chernykh
Real estate agent
Natalya graduated from Chernivtsi National University. Fedkovych, specializing in philology. She is fond of dances, books, history. Loves active rest with friends. She is proud of his son. Credo of Natalia - to borrow from life a maximum. She dreams to conquer Everest.
Ol'ga Reznikova
Key Account Manager
Graduated from the Russian State Geological Prospecting University named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze, specializing in economics and management. Now she receives a second higher education in psychology, which will certainly help in working with clients. Olga is one of those lucky ones who are in harmony with themselves, in this help hobbies: books, music, fishing, diving, active travel.
Svetlana Alieva
Agent of working with foreign customers
Graduated from the Russian Institute of Management with a degree in economics. He has been working in real estate for more than 10 years. Accumulated experience and a positive attitude to life helps Svetlana cope with any requests from clients and choose the perfect accommodation options. Hobby - reading, traveling, spending time outdoors. Svetlana is a supporter of a healthy lifestyle.
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