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Apple Real Estate – A Unique Player in the Real Estate Market:

1. We have been successfully working with high-end and elite real estate since 2008 and offer a quality standard by which all others are measured.
2. We have exclusive agreements with a number of foreign companies and we know what levels of service and accommodation Expats need. 

3. Our reputation is impeccable.
4. All of our listings are authentic.  Unlike other agencies, we won’t list phony apartments for bait-and-switch schemes.
5. We have established relationships with other respectable agencies to maximize what we can show you.

Just a Few Additional Services We Offer:

1. Consulting – real-estate advice and expertise on finding the right home or tenant
2. Professional Property Photography – displaying properties in the most effective way possible
3. Contract Preparation – drafting leases to protect you from any risks.

4. Insurance – provided free of charge
5. Support – offered throughout the duration of your lease.

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