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Arbat and Kropotkinskaya areas are ones of the most fashionable and expensive regions of Moscow, being central and one of the most beautiful residential areas. The New Arbat Street is full of modern restaurants, bars and shops and it's one of the main Moscow roads. The Old Arbat is the historical center of the city with a lot of beautiful buildings, unusual museums and creative street life, you can also find a lot of souvenir shops and cafes here. Despite of crowds of people the street looks charming. There are a lot of narrow streets and lanes in this area that are full with prestigious apartment houses of the last years and wonderful new mansions in art nouveau style adjoining one another. The Golden Mile - this is how Moscowers call the area between Ostozhenka, Prechistenka Streets and the Moscow River. In the same district there are embassies of Denmark, Mexico, Italy, Canada and such schools as Petit Cref and ISM.