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Our reviews
Галина 24 April 2019
Очень признательны Елене за понимание нужд клиента, оперативность в подборе вариантов и организации показов, умение слышать и договариваться. Рекомендуем Елену как надежного и профессионального риэлтора!
Вадим Гаршин 23 April 2019
Хочу поблагодарить Марию Егрищину за отличную работу. Всегда благожелательная, компетентная, профессиональная и просто милая. Спасибо, Маша!
Stephanie 19 April 2019
I would like to thank Irina for her brilliant work. I've been searching for the appropriate apartment for several months and finally she found the best option for me. The contract was drawn up very quickly and professionally. She was in touch with me all the time and she was answering all my questions with great patience.I will defenitely recommend her for all my friends!
Наталия Филиппова 18 April 2019
Сотрудничали с Еленой Анисимовой, объект был непростой , но, благодаря высокой квалификации Елены и её личностным качествам , задача была решена, квартира нашла своего арендатора. Смело могу рекомендовать Елену , как высококлассного специалиста и приятного человека.
Saidnumon Mansurov 17 April 2019
I worked with Anna Ponamareva. Excellent person with understanding clients needs. She knows city well, and most important for me, was very patient with my decisions.
Екатерина Панфилова 17 April 2019
Очень хорошее агенство, особенно риелтор Руслан, быстро помог найти жильцов, все оформил профессионально и на позитиве. Рекомендую
Анастасия 17 April 2019
Анна Пономарёва, одна из лучших риелторов с которыми мне довелось работать. За несколько дней помогла мне найти хорошего арендатора.Огромное спасибо за оперативную, квалифицированную работу и быстрое решение всех возникающих проблем. Мне было приятно с ней работать и я с удовольствием порекомендую ее своим знакомым.
Анна Данкина ( Сады Пекина ) 17 April 2019
Хочу сказать большое спасибо Жанне Шатырёвой за клиентоориентированность , отзывчивость , доброту и заботу ! Очень приятно работать с такими людьми ! Спасибо ! Жанна , я Вас приглашаю на чашечку кофе !;)
Анастасия Л 17 April 2019
Лучшее агентство элитной недвижимости в Москве!
Айдан Ч 17 April 2019
Всё было очень оперативно, особенно понравилось внимательное отношение Елены, которая справилась с задачей на все 100. Спасибо большое!

Apple Real Estate rental agency: Luxury Property Rentals and Sales

Since opening in 2008, Apple Real Estate has become the leading Real Estate Agency for residential rental services in Moscow. We are currently the premier Agency for finding apartments in the city centre.

With our extensive database of properties, which accommodates all budgets, we will make finding and moving into that cosy apartment or luxurious home less complicated with our professional, experienced and friendly consultants.

Achieving numerous awards during the last 10 years, including a Gold Medalist  in the International Quality Summit in 2016, highlights our excellent and ethical standard of individual care and service to our clients.

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To our Clients

If you are looking to sell or rent your property, our consulting services are designed to make the process easy, smooth, and to provide you with a peace of mind. We have a history of satisfied customers and landlords that speak to our success. We have an established team of property photographers that know how to display your property in the most effective way possible when listed on our website. Paired with our Contract Preparation, Insurance, and Support services to insure that you and your property enjoy a smooth transaction without risk.

If you're looking for your next house or condo, our team of smart and driven real estate professionals are fully dedicated in helping you find luxury properties in and around the Moscow. We take pride in the high level of customer service we provide to all of our clients, striving to find the best apartments and houses that are right for you.We always have your best interests in mind, with a wide variety of services to fit your needs.

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In addition, our website serves as a helpful link in conveniently connecting us with our clients and assisting them in their luxury property search. Our easy to use interactive map of the Moscow region allows you to quickly find the property of your dreams. All properties are professionally photographed by our team, ensuring authentic listings, and realistic expectations when you view the property for the first time. Each listing accurately states the available amenities, price, and size of each property so you know before visiting whether it will be a good fit to your lifestyle and budget. Whether you are looking for a property with a pool, or maybe a fireplace, our filtered search tool makes it easy for you to quickly find the listings by size, price, building type, and many other features.

Our goal is to deliver only the highest level of customer service while you are on your journey to sell or find your next property. You can visit us at our offices located in the very heart of Moscow, between the Patriarch Pond residential and Tverskaya business districts, or on our Facebook (https://facebook.com/reapple.ru). We strive to build a lasting relationship with all of our clients and we hope that you will be next to join the Apple Real Estate family.