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Real estate management
The apartment should bring a stable
income, but
take time and create
additional chores.
Our service
free owners from worries

related to the rent.

How does it work?

Flat preparation
  • We clean
  • We make a small repair
  • We give recommendations for furniture,
Search for tenants and lodging
  • We check tenants
  • We prepare an individual
  • We make a detailed inventory
  • We write instructions and help
    tenants to stay
  • We follow the schedule of communal payments
  • We send reports about the apartment condition
  • We change the mixer and lamps, gather and
    we clean up the furniture, fix leaks and
    we repair the household appliances
Operational support
  • Personal manager on
    24/7 communication
  • solution of any questions on
    living and
    emergency situations
  • legal assistance. We prepare documents for resolution in criminal order (notices, requirements). In case of necessity, we prepare and submit legal claims
Regular inspections
Regular inspections. You will be informed about everything that happens in the apartment. Regular inspections of the apartment by our specialist, timely payment of the bills for communal services and full technical service.
Technical service can be ordered separately
We organize and perform sanitary and plating works, electrical work, warranty repair of household appliances and much more

What is costs

Basic package
Includes all necessary services,
to try
  • Communication with the tenant
  • Checking the condition of the property with a video report 1 time in 3 months
  • Departure of the master 1 time in 60 days
  • Organization of departure and communication with emergency services if necessary
Standard package
Optimally chosen and the most
popular management tariff
  • Maintenance
  • Preparing the apartment for occupancy
  • Communication with the tenant
  • Checking the condition of the property with a video report 1 time in 3 months
  • Interaction with management companies
  • Transmitting meter readings
Advanced package
Comfortable for busy owners
and people outside the country
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning and prevention of air conditioners, replacement of water filters
  • Cleaning before check-in and after eviction of the tenant
  • Communication with the tenant
  • Checking the condition of the property with a video report 1 time in 3 months
  • Payment of utility bills
  • Interaction with management companies
  • Insurance. In case of an insured event, we prepare the documents
  • Legal support


Flat preparation
We do the cleaning, write instruction how to use. We settle in the flat where everything is working properly, set up internet, TV, communication, security and considered all your wishes.
We organize the collection of things
and furniture on
old flat.
Quickly and carelessly
we will transport
to a new. We will collect and arrange

furniture if necessary.
Support 24/7
With household, technical, financial and legal questions: contract, cleaning, repair, parking, migration accounting, communal payments and much more.
Technical service
We will organize, carry out and control any maintenance work in the apartment. We will provide regular service of all household equipment. We will also solve the issues of payment for maintenance with the owner.
We prepare the flat to be received by the owner, so that we can return the full deposit and to commend you as a responsible renter.

Benefits of working with us

We operate in your interests
and save costs on the content of
apartment. Successful experience
management gives more
high profitability.
We solve the questions as fast as possible in non-stop mode. At the same time you receive actual information about the flat.
Streamlined processes
We constantly interact with the supervision agencies in the field of housing, so that with us the UK work in a clear and without questions.
In comparison with other offers on the market and "personal assistants," our services are much cheaper.
Our specialists

solve the tasks

difficulties and all


Frequently asked questions