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Property management
Home Property management
Property management is a time and effort saving. We take care of all the maintenance and inspection of your apartment. Ideal for owners whose apartments are rented out.
Basic package
Maintenance service
Quarterly property inspections
Help the tenant with questions about the apartment
without unnecessary calls to the owner
10 000 ₽ per month
Extended package
Interaction with the representatives
of housing and utilities and management companies
Payment of bills
for utilities
Real estate insurance
and preparation of a package of documents in case of an insured event
Legal support
can help out in court if necessary
15 000 ₽ per month
Maintenance service
Minor repairs
Minor maintenance, replacement of simple door locks, installation of eaves, repair of interior doors, furniture assembly.
Installation of luminaires, replacement and installation of sockets, switches, fuses.
Replacement of faucets and traps, minor repairs in bathrooms and toilets.
Emergency response
If necessary, using public utilities
Home appliance repair
Internet and TV control
In addition, we offer and facilitate the registration of IE, filing a tax return for individuals, obtaining a property tax deduction, provide legal support.
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