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Patriarshy Ponds (Russian: Patriarshiye Prudy) is a wonderful cozy corner of old Moscow, it is a small residential area and one of the most luxurious and expensive. The amazing park with a pond is situated in the center of this region and gives name to it. Quite lanes and streets are full of outside cafes and restaurants, fashionable boutiques and historical buildings. In summer you can cycle, walk along shady alleys, play with your children at playgrounds and in winter the pond becomes a skating rink which is illuminated by lights of different colors. Some foreign embassies are also situated here.
Arbat and Kropotkinskaya areas are ones of the most fashionable and expensive regions of Moscow, being central and one of the most beautiful residential areas. The New Arbat Street is full of modern restaurants, bars and shops and it's one of the main Moscow roads. The Old Arbat is the historical center of the city with a lot of beautiful buildings, unusual museums and creative street life, you can also find a lot of souvenir shops and cafes here. Despite of crowds of people the street looks charming. There are a lot of narrow streets and lanes in this area that are full with prestigious apartment houses of the last years and wonderful new mansions in art nouveau style adjoining one another. The Golden Mile - this is how Moscowers call the area between Ostozhenka, Prechistenka Streets and the Moscow River. In the same district there are embassies of Denmark, Mexico, Italy, Canada and such schools as Petit Cref and ISM.
Zamoskvorechye is the part of Moscow behind the Moscow River. There are a lot of churches and cathedrals. Recently lots of luxurious apartment houses have appeared in Zamoskvorechye and Polyanka area. The area is famous among the foreigners because of Primary French school, English playschool and German School that are situated in the area. The legendary Pyatnitskaya and Ordinka Streets may probably seem noisy, but this noise and fuss are inevitable for the main transport streets of Zamoskvorechye. It is easy to hide from it in the labyrinth of tiny lanes and side streets. Tretyakov Gallery - the one of the most famous museums in the world - is situated in this district, you can also admire the beautiful sight of Red October (Russian: Krasny Oktyabr') which is not only a factory today but also the center of cultural and night life of Moscow.
Krasnaya Presnya is a district in the center of the city which that provides comfortable living for business people as well as for families with children. Those who prefer to enjoy the convenient location and to live in the center of the capital, but not overpay choose this district. It is situated right behind Sadovoye Koltso. The advantages of this district are: the green zone of the Moscow zoo, Bolshaya and Malaya Gruzinskaya Streets that are full of restaurants, bars and shops, Planetarium and Cinema Center. All this guarantees the comfort living in this district. Some windows of this districts overlook fascinating ponds, the White House and monumental Stalin high-rise buildings. There are embassies of the USA and of some other countries here. Moscow-City is located in this district as well - it's one of the most famous and modern business centers of Moscow at the moment. Those huge buildings with a lot of floors provide beautiful sights of the city, shopping centers and luxurious restaurants.
Leningradsky Prospect is one of the arterial highways of Moscow. It is the continuation of Tverskaya street to the north from the Belorusskaya metro station and up to the airport Sheremetyevo. You can use AeroExpress to reach the airport from Belorussky railway station. The Anglo-American school and three campuses of British International School are very popular in this district. Those schools are situated near the residential settlements Chayka, Pokrovskie Holmy and also Poselok Hudozhnikov. This area is also considered to be a large shopping and the business region - a lot of business centres are situated here. When the traffic is not very heavy one can reach the city center by car rather quickly but during the rush-hour it is more convenient to use metro. The majority of buildings belongs to Stalin period but several modern houses with luxurious apartments and amazing views have already been built here.
Kutuzovsky prospect is one of the main roads in Moscow. A lot of restaurants, shops, cafes, boutiques can be found along this famous avenue. Mostly buildings here are built in typical “Stalin” style but today you can also see a lot of modern luxurious houses there. Square of Europe is one of the most famous in Moscow. There is a huge shopping mall "Evropeyskiy" situated there. It is full with enormous amount of cafes, shops, bars, there is also a cinema and skating rink here. You can use Kievsky train station to reach Vnukovo airport by AeroExpress. This district is one of the greenest and family friendly zones of the city. Park Pobedy is situated here. It is a historical park of Moscow where you can visit museums, alleys of fame, churches and cathedrals, see old weapons, cars and tanks.
Taganskaya is a district in the east of Moscow, outside of Sadovoye Koltso. Today it is one of the business districts of Moscow. Taganskaya Square is one of the most famous and busiest. The district is full with buildings of the past seventies with several exceptional houses on the embankments. Recently Taganskaya area has actively been built up with new modern apartment houses. The region is full with old beautiful churches and theatres - adult theatergoers will be pleased by the Russian Drama Theatre, and children - by the Moscow puppet show and the Children Fairy Theatre. You can also take a walk in Tagansky Park or Park Gorkogo.
Tverskaya area is a business, touristic and cultural center of Moscow. There are three metro stations here, it's in 10 minutes walk distance from the Kremlin as well as from Patriarchy Ponds. Tverskaya street is one of the main and busiest streets of the city. Most residential houses here are typical “Stalinki”. Tverskaya is the heart of shopping and night life. Such famous places as GUM, TSUM, Petrovsky Passage, etc. can be mentioned. There are many five-star level hotels in this avenue such as Marriott Tverskaya, Intercontinental, Pekin and Sheraton. A lot of theatres and concert houses are situated in this district including Bolshoi and Maliy Theatres, as well as exhibitions, museums, open playgrounds, boulevards and educational institutions. You can also easily reach any point of Moscow from Tverskaya street. Belorussky Railway Station is situated in this area and you can use AeroExpress to reach Sheremetyevo Airport.
Frunzenskaya embankment is an ideal district for a family with children. It's a very green area with fresh air and it is close to the water. There are a lot of playgrounds and a big park conveniently located here as well as spaces for roller-skating. Sport Stadium "Luzhniki" is also situated here. There you can do some sports by yourself or just come to see the sport shows. If you pass Andreevsky Bridge, you can get to the Gorkiy Park and to the Neskuchny garden that are very popular. It is easy to get to the southern and western districts of Moscow from here. In this district there are many restaurants to suit any taste, three cinemas, and a great number of supermarkets and stores. Stalin houses with high ceilings attract both foreigners and Moscowers; therefore the prices for purchase and rent are rather high. Famous Vorobyovy Gory and Moscow State University are not far from this district.
Chistye Ponds is a popular district among Europeans who live in Moscow - it's a wonderful place for walking along the boulevards, spending time in English-speaking cafes with other foreigners and enjoying the beauty of the historical buildings. Moreover, French Lycee is situated here, so that it is appreciated by the French mostly. People also like this place for the silence and inexpressible fascination of the small side streets. In the center of this region there is a pond with swans, majestically swimming on the water surface, and refined dishes of the “Shater” restaurant. Here in summer one can hire a boat, and in winter go skating. In the district of Chistye Ponds you will find the huge choice of restaurants for having dinner and night life bars. A lot of museums, theatres and cinemas are also situated in this district. Kitay-Gorod is famous for the majority of old churches and its unique architecture. Komsomolskaya Square is famous for the collecting three Railway Stations in one place - Leningradsky, Komsomolsky and Kazansky.
Yugo-Zapadny district of Moscow is one of the cleanest and greenest areas in the city. There are a lot of Universities and other Institutions there such as BIS campus, Italien school, German school, English playschool, Japanese school, Little Angel's kindergarten. On the one hand, there are a lot of “Stalinki” buildings built during the Soviet time and on the other hand, there are a lot of modern buildings in this district. It's also a very popular area among Germans because of the German region in Prospect Vernadskogo. Here you can easily find a lot of shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, cinemas along Leninsky prospect - one of the main roads of the city.
Tsvetnoy Boulevard is a district not far from Tverskaya area. There is a famous shopping mall "Tsvetnoy" in this region and also the number of business centers near the metro. One of the most popular sightseeings and favourite places of the tourists and Moscowers is the Circus on Tsvetnoy named after Yury Nikulin. This area boasts of beautiful gardens, boulevards, squares and fashionable restaurants.
Prospekt Mira is one of the most famous avenues in Moscow. A lot of business centers, shopping malls, restaurants, lounge bars and cafes can be found here along the road and in the area around. Huge sport complex "Olimpiyskiy" is situated here as well where you can enjoy running, jogging, swimming, gym, gymnastic and also find a lot of activities for your children. Large VDNH park and a popular Moscow exhibition located in this area as well - there are a lot of different exhibits, open-air shows, attractions, relax zones, etc. TV Tower - Ostankinskaya is also in this district. Sokolniki Park is another popular recreational area among Russians and foreigners. This district is perfect for those who prefer to combine hard work with pleasant weekends.
This region is situated between two largest Moscow green parks - Sokolniki and Izmailovsky. There are a lot of universities here, one of the famous is Moscow State Technical University of Bauman. The majority of buildings are stalinist. The square of three railway stations is not far from this area and you can easily reach it by metro, by bus or by car. Kursky railway station and the large shopping mall - Atrium are also not far. The location near the parks is perfect for families with children because of the green zones and its closeness to the city center. Moreover, a lot of cafes, restaurants, shops can be found here.
Volgogradsky Prospekt is one of the arterial highways of Moscow. It lines to the South-East of Moscow. The majority of buildings belongs to Stalin period but several modern houses with luxurious apartments and amazing views have already been built here. This area is also considered to be one of the largest shopping and the business region. When the traffic is not very heavy one can reach the city center by car rather quickly but during the rush-hour it is more convenient to use metro. Beautiful park Kolomenskoye is not far from this region where you can spend your weekend. There are also a lot of karting courts for extreme sports ;)
Krylatskoye lying further from the city center - it's a wonderful place for families with children, there are a lot of green parks, fresh area and places for walking. Here there is a great choice of modern buildings and also business centers. International School of Moscow, British International School, reasonable commute to Anglo-American School represented here. The area also has some compounds which will be perfect for quiet life in the friendly family zone not far from center: Serebryany Bor, Sosnovka, Myakinino. The area adjacent to Rublevskoe highway considered to be one of the most prestigious and elite for living among Russians.
The southern district of Moscow includes 16 districts and is the largest by population of the city - 1,785,343 people. (2018). It is one of the two districts of Moscow (together with the Central), which does not have territories outside the Moscow Ring Road (not counting the territory of the Moscow Ring Road interchanges from the outside). The natural complex of the district includes forest parks, squares, boulevards, green areas, river valleys. On the territory there are 72 reservoirs (including: small rivers, streams - 22; ponds - 50) of 222.57 hectares, which is about 24% of the total water surface of Moscow.