Property management

Property management is a complex of services and optitional solution if you are a busy person, spend lots of time abroad and live in another city or country but own real estate in Moscow. We will take care of finding a trustworthy tenant, documentary registration and the following maintenance of your property.


technical maintenance
constant communication with the tenant during the whole term of lease on whatever issues
control over the fulfilment of contract's terms by the tenant, including financial obligations
regular visit to the apartment/office
timely payments of utility bills
cleaning service
property insurance
interaction with representatives of management and operating companies

Property management saves you time and allows to get a stable income without trouble.

The cost of property management package starts from 14% of month rent.
- 30% discount if you lend your property with us.

Technical maintenance

You can sign an agreement and purchase tecnnical maintanance as a separate service. It can be useful not only to the landlord as well as to the tenant.

  • plumbing works (replacing faucets and drains, repairs of sanitary-technical equipment)
  • electrical works (replacing light bulbs, installation of sconces, lamps, sockets, switches, fuses)
  • carpentry (repairs, replacement of simple door locks and window handles, installation and replacement of curtain rods, repair of interior doors, furniture assembly)
  • guarantee repair of household appliances
  • Internet and television installation
  • elimination of emergency situations with attracting housing dispatching service

The cost of technical maintenance service starts from 6000 rubles per month.