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ID 11916 Kottedzhnyy posyolok Lesnye Dali-3

Home Rent house ID 11916 Kottedzhnyy posyolok Lesnye Dali-3
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Elite cottage settlement 'Lesnye Dali' is part of the boarding house 'Lesnye Dali' the Department of Affairs of President of the Russian Federation, which is located on the banks of the Moscow river, in a beautiful pine forest and includes more than 200 Hectares of a protected and comfortable area. Total area of the house, taking account of the terraces of 2500 sq. m. In the village of 16 cottages. On the ground floor a hall, living votorum light, dining room, fireplace room, relaxation room, kitchen, Laundry room, dressing room, bedroom, Conservatory, 3 bathrooms, sauna, relaxation room, Spa pool. On this level there are two terraces. The second floor has six bedrooms, four bathrooms, guest bathroom, two balconies and an open terrace with a balustrade overlooking MT area. On the ground level is the garage with separate entrance for four cars, 10 rooms of free appointment, two rooms, wine cellar, boiler room, Board room, two bathrooms, Laundry, and Ironing. House with partial finish. All the walls are plastered, painted, framed moldings, inlaid with gold leaf. Oak doors. Floors on the ground floor – oak flooring on the second floor Board of solid oak. Installed two-chamber wooden Windows. Produced electrical wiring and vodosnabzheniya. Installed gtwy boiler 'VIESSMANN', water purification system 'Ecowater', fixed double ventilation system. The home's exterior: plaster with paint, moldings, balustrades, decorative ironwork, natural stone. Pridomovoy on-site gazebo with barbecue area, swimming pool, century old pine and birch trees, landscape design. The track on the site is covered with paving slabs. Showings by appointment
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