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Dar'ya Samoylova

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Dar'ya Samoylova
Customer happiness manager
"Be the energy you want to attract". Daria has chosen such a simple motto long ago and uses it every day. Dasha is sure that if you are filled with love– the world responds to you in return. Dasha has been working in real estate for more than 14 years. Have made a career from secretary to executive director of the agency. 2 years ago, she plucked up the courage and moved to live in Phuket, where she also worked in real estate, finding a balance between work and her second passion – sports. Dasha is purposeful, cheerful and flexible, and also has a high level of emotional intelligence. Certified fitness and running trainer. Sport and discipline help to maintain a high level of energy. Dasha is sure that in the modern rhythm of life it is very important to be with yourself from time to time and devote time only to yourself. About dreams: simple one – Dasha wants a trip to Patagonia.
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